Celebrating the legacy of Louis Varney - filmed by Mike Pollock G8KMP and edited by Gordon King G3XTH

Celebrating the legacy of Louis Varney G5RV

Unveiling the painting of Louis, president of MSARS (1969 - 2000) at a meeting of MSARS members, Marle Place, 9th November 2001.

A few dodgy haircuts, but also includes a number of MSARS members sadly no longer with us. A great window into the history of the club from the beginning of the century. Thanks to Mike and Gordon.

A Review of the 2023 Sporadic-E Season - Jim Bacon G3YLA

A Review of the 2023 Sporadic-E Season - Jim Bacon G3YLA

Sporadic E and weather conditions. Is there a link? Of course there is!

As you might expect, Jim's view of, and interest in Sporadic E propagation leans more towards the effect of weather phenomenon than other factors, and this talk addresses that topic, as well as reviewing how this years 'E's' season panned out. 

Unscrambling The Alphabet Soup: Ham Radio data modes explained

Datamodes: Unscrambling The Alphabet Soup

Ham Radio data modes explained!

John Berry GM8JBJ explains just how we can fit all of our data communications traffic into such tiny slivers of the radio spectrum, and why we can send it around the globe so effectively.

Youngsters On The Air 2017

Young Amateurs Tell Us What Interests Them

If we want to attract more young people into amateur radio, we just have to listen to what they're saying, and stop preaching from the pulpit. This video from YOTA 2017 really does give us quite a few clues.

Testing the new MSARS FlexRadio 6400M on the Sunday Morning 80m net

New MSARS FlexRadio 6400M Testing - G3ZMS

A first real-world outing for the club's new shack radio, the amazing Flex 6400M.

It'll take some taming for us mere mortals, but the potential is exciting, and it should see us set for a good number of years.

Sporadic E by John Berry GM8JBJ

Sporadic E by John Berry GM8JBJ

Another high quality presentation given to MSARS via Zoom on Friday 23rd of September 2022. We were unable to record it on the day, but John has kindly put together this video from his Powerpoint presentation and his audio notes.

Ken G3WYN and Sean EI7CV Clock Up 2000 Contacts

Ken G3WYN and Sean EI7CV Clock Up 2000 Contacts

Sunday the 20th of February 2022 was the day that Ken G3WYN and Sean EI7CV had their 2000th QSO.

That's an awful lot of contacts, but maybe more remarkable is that they were WEEKLY contacts made over a 45 year period from 4th January 1977!

Congratulations Ken and Sean.

Listening in on the MSARS Lunchtime Net

Lunchtime Net run by the Maestro

Enjoy this short clip of the Lunchtime HF Net run by our President Ken G3WYN every weekday. This was taken from the Net run on Monday 7th February 2022. All the Net frequencies can be found on our homepage. It's best to check them once in a while, because they do change occasionally.

QSOs via the Auroras

Communications via the Aurora by John Berry GM8JBJ

A radio aurora starts as a huge solar flare or other ejection of plasma from the Sun. If there’s enough energy, the plasma eventually hits the Earth’s atmosphere and the result may be a visible aurora, and more rarely, a radio aurora.

More information from John at https://hamradio.engineering/radio-auroras

QSOs via the Auroras

Amateur Radio and the Auroras

A stunning slideshow from Richard Hide G0LFF which chronicles his cruise from Bergen right up to and around the North Cape to the Russian border. A taster ahead of John Berry's talk on the subject on 12th November 2021.

Foxhunting for radio amateurs

Amateur Radio Direction Finding with Alan G8YKV

MSARS Alan Cragg introduces Denby Dale ARS club members to the fun of amateur Radio Direction Finding. Here, you're chasing a human standing in for an actual fox, mainly because no fox has ever passed the Foundation exam. The aim is for the "hounds" suitably equipped with radios and directional antennas to find the "fox" hidden somewhere in a defined radius from the start point. Just watch the video - it'll all make sense, I'm sure.

How to Design and Build RF Power Amplifiers

Jon Wymer G8URE presents on this fascinating topic. Many physical examples of hardware bring the subject to life, and superb microscope views of both working and damaged power transitors let us see what can go wrong. Some basic rules for building your own devices and which operating and environmental parameters to be mindful of.

Sue's emigration across the Channel

Sue Davis G6YPY tells an engaged audience both in Cyprus Hall and live on Zoom about her bold emigration to France in the midst of a global pandemic.

Lots of interesting slides and local history.

Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society Historic Slideshow

A selection of slides taken over many years depicting various club events, collated by Mike Pollock G8KMP. Spot anyone you recognise?

Decoding Slow Scan TV pictures from the ISS

After hearing that the Russian SSTV amateur radio tests were to be transmitted again today and tomorrow (6th and 7th of August 2021), I thought I'd record it happening in real time for anyone that's interested. You could even replay the audio from this video back into something like MMSSTV and re-decode it yourself. It's really easy to do!

Trip to Radio Caroline 2019

MV Ross Revenge is a radio ship, the home of Radio Caroline, as well as having supported Radio Monique and various religious broadcasters. She was constructed in Bremerhaven in 1960, and initially served as a commercial trawler as part of the Ross Group fleet, notably taking part in the Cod Wars of the 1970s. Following her decommissioning, she was purchased by Radio Caroline and outfitted as a radio ship, complete with 300-foot antenna mast and 50 kW transmitter.

To Earth or not to Earth

As I found recently, the guidance about Earthing from RSGB seems somewhat ambiguous. There are two central recommendations: 1. Don’t Earth your station, and use balanced antennas that negate the need for Earthing. 2. If you must Earth, break the Earth to the shack and use a local TT Earth, using a local Earthing rod. In this presentation, I give an overview of the issues.

Mills on the Air 2017

Operating over the weekend of 13th and 14th of May within the grounds of Jill Windmill at Clayton, this was our first outside event of the year.

Using our callsign GB0JAJ, we managed to contact 124 stations including 13 other Mills. These were mainly from the British Isles, but also from Europe including Norway, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Channel Islands. Operation was on the 40m band.

A big thank you to the Jack and Jill Windmills Society.

Bob N4XAT at MSARS 1998

During October 1998 Bob N4XAT paid a visit to The Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society, that at the time was based at Marle Place, Burgess Hill West Sussex. He met with old friends Louis Varney G5RV, Ken G3WYN, Ron G0WGP and many others. A big thank you to Bob for providing the DVD.

John Berry G8JBJ - HF Propagation

A very interesting talk given by John G8JBJ on HF Propagation was not only heard by the members in Millfield Suite, but also simultaneously by our overseas members Steve GJ6WRI, and Raffaele IZ4TNT

Amateur Radio - A 21st Century Hobby

An introduction to amateur radio for young people. Produced by TX Factor for the RSGB.

MSARS Windmills Evening 1980's

Filmed by Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society member Griff Rockwood G3JGR. This endearing film reminds us how popular this event used to be.

Taking place every year during the month of June, we celebrate our Societies Anniversary. Our thanks to Mike G1TDL for discovering the VHS tape.

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